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Dermal Filler FAQs

Q: What Are Dermal Fillers?

A: Dermal filler is a cosmetic filler which is injected into the skin to plump it and reduce the signs of fine lines and wrinkles.

Q: Are Dermal Fillers Safe To Use?

A: Dermal fillers are widely used and because they incorporate hyaluronic acid it is biodegradable which means that over time the gel will break down, leaving no trace behind.

Q: How Long Does The Procedure Take?

A: The treatment usually takes between 10-15 minutes and because of this it is often described as a lunchtime treatment.

Q: Will I Need To Take Time Off Work?

A: No – due to the quick nature of the appointment you should be ok to return to work straight away.

Q: How Long Do The Results Last For?

A: The treatment will generally last for approximately 6 months, this is variable however and will change from person to person.

Q: Does The Treatment Hurt?

A: There is no anaesthetic used in this procedure and while most people experience some level of discomfort, none should experience high levels of pain. If you are concerned about this it's important to talk to a specialist who can give you a comprehensive overview of what to expect during the treatment.

Q: How Quickly Will I See Results?

A: The results can be seen instantly.

Q: Are There Any Side Effects?

A: It's normal to expect some redness, swelling and tenderness immediately after the treatment – if you experience any of these then it should disappear within a few days.

Q: Who Can Have Dermal Fillers?

A: Dermal Fillers are available to most adult over the age of 18.

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