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First Botox treatment: what to expect

Getting Botox for the first time sounds scary. Like a leap into the unknown, a world where preventing anti-aging and sagging skin by sticking needles in your skin is just normal; a chat over a cup of coffee. How could that sound reassuring or calm you down? Though it’s not a big surgery, it is a prolonged injection which promises a youthful look and the saggy parts to disappear into thin air.

So maybe you’ve been inspired by a celebrity or perhaps you want to prevent anti-aging from an early age. Or perhaps you simply got to a stage you where Botox seems like a clever little trick to boost your confidence without a long wait to see results. Whatever your reason may be for getting Botox for the first time, everybody will have a similar experience. It’s usually the results which are quite unique to every individual, but the appointment itself usually doesn’t look different to any other and that’s one of the many reasons why feeling scared or nervous is OK and completely normal.

Let’s assume then you’ve thought a little about Botox and have decided to get yourself booked in for a chat and the injection. Great! In this post we’ll be telling you about what to expect on your first visit and put your mind at ease and erase some stereotypes that come with getting Botox.

Since entering the scene back in 2002, Botox was a revolution in anti-aging and skincare. It meant a fast and easy solution compared to anti-aging creams and other over the counter chemicals which took months to work (or not at all) and kept draining the wallet. This was the perfect solution that really isn’t that expensive compared to the money we spend on creams and lotions.
Like everything, Botox came with a certain amount of judgement. Even now getting Botox can be considered vain, selfish and untruthful about your age and looks. The stereotypes attached to Botox have shamed a lot of everyday people who just want to feel good and attractive into staying away from the treatment. Truth is Botox is on the rise and there is nothing taboo or shameful about it. One of the things most people worry about when going for their first treatment, is silent judgement from the doctor. Be it a judgement of how your skin already looks or a judgement on your age. Do they think you’re too young and spoilt? Are you too old and let yourself go too much?
Answer is, neither. Working in cosmetology and dermatology means we have seen it all. There is not a skin on this earth that could scare us or disgust us. We are all human and all have unique skin and the issues that come with it. Your skin has deep grooves and dark circles? Fine. Let’s fix it! You’re young and want to slow down anti-aging? Good thinking let us help you.
One thing to always remember on your first appointment is that you will not be judged for anything. We all crave to look good and you’re not alone in wanting this treatment, neither is your decision vain or selfish.

You will not be pressured into something you’re not sure you want.
A lot of people have a fear of being persuaded into more and more procedures that they don’t even know what they mean. Don’t worry, we will only give you the treatment you are expecting to get. We are always full advice and knowledge so we might suggest a slight change to your initial idea or suggest different procedures but by no means do you have to say yes to them. Yes, it does make sense you’d think you’ll be pressured into more procedures as that means more money for the professional; but being professional is exactly why we don’t use sales techniques on people. The first visit can be overwhelming and we understand that the last thing you need is a sales pitch.

Expect a lot of talking and strange facial expressions.
The movies make Botox look like the quickest appointment ever. You come in, sit down, get injected and walk out. Done.
As much as that sounds quite good and something you could do in your lunch hour, it is not how it goes.
Your doctor will want to make sure you know everything you need to before the needle is even out of the packaging. So ask questions. Anything in the world, nothing sounds silly. The more you know the more confident you’ll be about getting Botox. Knowledge is power.
Prepare to make a lot of strange facial expressions. The best way to identify which part of your face has the deepest wrinkles and how your face works is the best way to identify most suitable treatment for you. For some an injection in the forehead makes them look ten years younger, for others it could mean an alien aesthetic for a few months. Everybody has a different face and different natural contours; we want to work with them to enhance your natural beauty.

Also some good news; Botox is not painful. A little prick from the injection is definitely expected but after that, there’s no continuous pain like there would be with a tattoo or a piercing. Expect some swelling afterwards and redness, but definitely not pain.
If however you do experience severe pain, get back in touch with your doctor ASAP because it could be a sign something went wrong.

Unlike what the media shows, Botox is not a vain decision done only by the rich and famous who want to outdo their rich and famous friends. It’s a simple and quick procedure that can boost confidence and slow down aging or even have medical uses such as stopping excessive sweating and bad migraines. Whatever your reason may be for getting Botox, it’s never a shameful one and your doctor will do everything they can to make you comfortable.

Posted on: February 12th, 2018 by Creare