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Who would benefit from Dermal Fillers?

If you’re a little unsure about having dermal fillers in London applied and don’t exactly know what they are or consist of, dermal fillers are put simply, intricate injections of gel to areas of the face that are possibly suffering from lines or creases – essentially ‘filling’ out and lifting the area so that your skin and overall appearance is left looking smoother and more youthful – bringing out the best in your natural looks. Here at Essex Lodge we provide the highest in quality when it comes to dermal fillers, however understand that you may now be wondering who exactly would benefit from having the procedure carried out.

A Team that can help

The best way to find out if dermal fillers are the appropriate option for you is to visit us yourself for an in-depth consultation with our medically qualified doctor that has undergone further cosmetic medicine training (the map of where we are based and all contact information can be found here).

With us offering a completely FREE consultation, you have nothing to lose in gaining the expert opinion, however if you would like a brief overview of what dermal fillers are best used for, we can tell you that they should only be considered if you are either naturally aging and losing the elasticity in your skin – therefore creating lines, creases and wrinkles, or have suffered from a skin such as acne, and due the this have been left with little imperfections in the overall complexion of your skin. Common areas typically treated include, frown lines, tear-trough, nose to mouth lines, upper lip lines, lines corners mouth and lips.

Dermal fillers will boost the quality of your skin and raises these lines or creases back level with the rest of your face, with the injections leaving no scars and lasting for up to 6 to 9 months. Utilising products such as Radiesse, plus the Restylane range (Perlane, Sub Q, Vital, and Lipp), so that you can know you’re gaining the best dermal filling service. Remember, your FREE consultation is just a phone call away.

Posted on: August 10th, 2012 by Creare